Updates/Changes to Technology

There’s one rule with technology. It changes. Programs that you use and love and get to know like the back of your hand will eventually update, sometimes with big changes.Some changes can be for the good, but getting used to them can be frustrating.

My advise is to take a deep breath and don’t automatically reject the changes and automatically hate them because the developers have dared to change the programs in either big or small ways. As with anything in life, a bit of trial and error is what it takes to make a successful program/game, etc.

Take time to try out the new gadgets/updates and see if they can be used to help make you more productive.


Nanowrimo 2012

Do you Nano?

I do. I love nanowrimo! You can find me running around Nanoland as Ke11and. Be sure to add me as a writing buddy.

If you are new to the Nanowrimo phenomenon, then get ready! You are about to go 0 to 50,000 (words that is) in only 30 days!

Your goal is to complete 50,000 words in your novel or work in progress from Nov 1 – Nov 31.

The bar is set high for this competition! It’s a fun kind of crazy!

Seriously, don’t blow it off just because of the intense goal. There is something to be said for asking for such a high word count goal over a short period of time.

It forces you to sit down and write!

It takes a while to accru 50,000 words and you HAVE to make time to sit down with your butt in a chair and hands on the keyboard.

So what if the fam has to eat some frozen meals for an entire month? You’ve got words to write! I hear Hungry Man meals are good! Kid Cuisine for the kids are popular; I think they now have added real peach mush in some of them.

Also with such a short amount to time to meet the deadline, you don’t have time to sit and overthink….anything….You just have to keep typing. There is beauty in that as it can lead you to unexpected places in your story.

It’s up to you weather you decide to be a ‘plotter’ or a ‘pantser‘, but either way you’re guaranteed to have a good time if you participate with fellow Nanowrimo’s.

Nanowrimo is so much fun because, it has such a strong writing community in place from forums where you can stroll and poll, to it’s own hashtag on Twitter #nanowrimo.

I’m a Twitter freak because it is a wonderful way to keep up with fellow Nano’ers. With Twitter you can keep up with other writers, make new writing buddies, and compete in friendly Word Wars during Nanowrimo.

If you’re wondering if your area has a Nanowrimo group in place, you can access the Nano Near You button through the site. You can join your local group and participate in write-in’s at local hangouts. Just check with your group.

Because of Nano you can give yourself permission to try out new writing implements! From purchasing a brand new pen and notebook to trying out writing programs such as Scrivener and yWriter. There’s fun to be had in acquiring a new writing device.

If you find it motivational to get into the spirit of things you can purchase items from Nanowrimo’s store or go find yourself that special coffee cup or t-shirt that proclaims you are indeed a writer.

(Disclaimer: I am not affilated with any of the above products, nor am I endorsed to sell their products. I enjoy sharing the tidbits I’ve found around cyberland that intrigue me, and some of the products I use and enjoy).

So do you Nano? If not, are you gonna?

Be sure to leave me a comment with your Nano name and I’ll add you as a buddy!

First Post of Awesomness

This is the first post of this blog, ever!  I know… I know! I’m excited about it too!

Seriously, If your reading this, I’m honored that you’d take time out of your life for little old me. I do hope you’ll stick around, suscribe, and comment. I love meeting fellow friends and writers and connecting with fellow geeks!

If your curious about me, I’m Kelland (I know it’s a boy’s name, but I happen to be a girl, and yes, I was born that way). I’m a happily married, Homeschool Mom of 3, living in suburbia, who has decided I am not aging any more. The numbers are making me nervous and it seems they are multiplying faster and faster. I may need some Valium for my next birthday party.

Seriously, I am grateful to be here on the planet considering I’ve almost died a couple of times. (Remind me to tell you about that story, it’s a good one). I figured the Good LORD could have taken me home by now, and while Heaven will be paradise, I’m very honored to be able to remain here with my family enjoying the ups and downs of life on planet earth. Its an adventure.

I love reading. I love writing. I like the color purple and royal blue. My favorite number is….I don’t have a favorite number, but if I had to choose probably 3 or 7. I don’t have a favorite animal either, they all are great, except bugs and snakes and slimy critters and creatures that drool…like my golden lab, when hes playing ball.

I am also a self proclaimed geek. I love technology and keeping up with what’s out there. I have a lot of apple products, but continue to use Google Chrome. I read ebooks with the Kindle app or Kobo app on my iphone 4s. (I know I’m a walking techno contradiction).

I also love SciFi/Fantasy shows such as Xena: Warrior Princess, Firefly, Legend of the Seeker, and Vampire Diaries (I’m a total addict). I consider Netflix a gift from above.

When I was 12, my Mother handed me a romance novel and I’ve been addicted ever since. I read constantly and always will.

Reading and writing are like breathing to me. I can’t stop.

As far as careers go, I used to work as an R.N. until I answered the call of nature to stay home and become a full time Mommy which led into Homeschooling. There was no turning back after that. The call of the wild was too wonderful to resist. I do hope to make a future out of writing any way I can. That’s my dream job. I’ve always loved words and would love to make a living off of them. I’m currently working on this goal.

As far as love life goes, I married the man of my dreams 14 years ago, and life has been a roller coaster ride, in the tunnel of love, ever since! Somehow, we’ve manged to accru a party of 3 along the way. They keep saying they are our kids. I’ll believe it when they show me some I.D.

Seriously, my kids are the most amazing people I’ve ever met.

So now, you know me. If you like reading posts from a Homeschool Mom who loves to talk about the craft of writing, and the great books she’s read, and who geeks out over Sci/fi-Fantasy shows and the latest gadgets, then be sure to suscribe so you don’t miss out!

Thank you for your time and attention. Come back soon for more awesomeness.