Writing Resources

Here you’ll find my ever-growing collection of links to help you network and learn more about the craft of writing and all it entails.

 Authors & Writers

  1. Kim Baccellia
  2. Amanda Hocking
  3. Jody Hedlund
  4. Jami Gold
  5. My Journey Through The Pages
  6. Julie Kagawa
  7. Writer Musings
  8. Gina Damico
  9. Cindi Madsen
  10. Kevin Craig
  11. Candice Hern
  12. Victorine Writes
  13. Cheryl Rainfield

 Book Bloggers 

  1. Kindle Obsessed
  2. Get Lost In A Story
  3. The Bookaholic
  4. Leighanne’s Lit
  5. Books Devoured
  6. Alexa Loves Books
  7. Short and Sweet
  8. I/You/We Heart Books
  9. Unabridged Bookshelf
  10. Read Live Play 
  11. Book Crook Liza
  12. I Read Banned Books
  13. The Vintage Bookworm
  14. In The Outhouse
  15. YA Romance
  16. RT Book Reviews
  17. Booktrib: Open 24 hours
  18. Reading Teen

Writing Craft Sites 

  1. Lit Reactor

Author Branding & Marketing

 (Learn how to market your book or build your platform!)

Publishing & Design Sites 

        (Ready to design, format & publish & Market that novel? Explore this list!)
  1. O Desk     (A unique site and here’s an article that tells you a bit more about how you can use it for hiring cover artists,etc.)—-> http://tinyurl.com/3hymyg3
  2. Banner Maker (Make your own web banners to advertise your book).
  3. Every Child Has a Story


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